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As a working Koi farm we have koi for sale in many sizes and varieties to suit all budgets, so, no matter how big or small you'd like your new koi to be and no matter how much you're looking to spend, you can be assured that here at Cuttlebrook Koi Farm we have a koi that will suit your requirements. As of 22 May 2015 the smallest Koi that we have are 6-8 inches and these are priced at £25.00 each, your selection. Price brackets for Koi bigger than this are, £50, £80, £125, £175, £250 and then we have a selection of Koi which are individually priced.

The Koi bred this year will be harvested from the ponds and available for sale from the weekend of 31st October and 1st November 2015.  They will be on average 4-5 inches (£10.00 each hand select price), so some will be smaller and some bigger (3-4 inch Koi are £7.00 each if you are hand selecting them yourself.). Koi priced at £80 and above are all individually photographed and can be seen by clicking on the image below. Koi below this value are not individually photographed. In addition to this we sell Koi fry in bulk in June/July time at £120 per thousand (our random selection) and 2-3 inch Koi are available from August to around November time at £90 per hundred (our random selection) or £2.00 each if you want to hand select each one yourself .

The varieties we produce are Shiro Utsuri, Showa, Sanke, Kohaku, Doitsu Yamatonishiki, Shusui, Asagi, Chagoi, Kujaku, Ochiba Shigure, Karashigoi and Yamabuki Ogon. As a result we also produce Doitsu Gin Bekko, Doitsu Kin Bekko, Doitsu Orenji Ogon, Doitsu Platinum Ogon, Ginrin Chagoi, Shiro Bekko, Aka Bekko, Hi Utsuri, and Hi Showa. We don't breed all of these varieties every year but they are likely to be available at larger sizes if not smaller.

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Please note: - We do not send fish by overnight courier.  Availability can change on a daily basis so please ask before you visit if you are looking for a particular Koi.


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