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At Cuttlebrook Koi Farm we breed beautiful Koi – Nishikigoi to be exact.  We have been breeding and growing Koi at our farm since we first built it in 1990 and over the years have developed a reputation for producing the finest quality Nishikigoi.  We know of no other purpose built, commercially successful, Koi farm in the UK today. We began trading as Cuttlebrook Koi Farm in 2001 and over the years, Koi bred by us have won hundreds of awards at Koi shows around the country, competing against Japanese imported Koi. In 2017 we added a new division to our company, Marisa Koi Farm, which sells Japanese imported Koi to compliment the range that we produce here on the farm.

This is our story:

Hi, my name is Lisa Davis, I am Director, administrator, secretary, farm hand and mother to our two sons.  My husband (Mark Davis) and I  run Cuttlebrook Koi Farm right here in Oxfordshire, UK.

We have never kept koi for a hobby but Mark has been breeding them for over twenty years.  When I met Mark in 1988 I didn’t know anything about koi but at the time he was writing three of the chapters for the Interpet Encyclopedia of Koi (history, breeding and feeding), a good way to impress a girl!

Mark at SparsholtSparsholt

I found out that Mark had been to Sparsholt College from 1983 to 1985 and studied fish farming – of course in those days you had to work for a year on a fish farm before they would even let you on the course.  He has some great stories about his year spent living in a soggy caravan at the side of a loch in Scotland!  At Sparsholt he studied water chemistry, geology, fish farm construction techniques, fish health and disease diagnosis amongst other things .

During his time at Sparsholt he worked on several fish farms in the UK and also on carp farms in France and Hungary.  He had some amazing experiences during that time. It was here that he encountered his first koi amongst a lake full of table carp in France and it was then that he decided that he wanted to learn more about them.


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