Cuttlebrook Filtration

Mark has often been asked to explain the filtration and airlift systems that we use on the farm and so he has come up with a couple of sketches to help illustrate how they work.

Caring for your new baby Koi

When you buy small Koi to grow on that are just a few weeks or months old, you need to provide them with the best environment possible if you want them to survive and thrive. If you follow the advice below you will go a long way to doing just that!


A Career in Koi Breeding

There is not a specific qualification or course for Koi breeding and, in theory, you don’t need any qualifications.  The problem is that if you don’t have at least a basic education in fish farming then you run the risk of making fundamental mistakes that will doom your venture to failure before you even breed your first Koi.

Individually priced Koi May 2012

The latest and most up to date list can now be found by clicking on the Individually Priced Koi For Sale tab in the Koi For Sale section.

Japan Trip 2011 Part two

After the first morning harvesting Hosokai’s Oyagoi the rest was going to be a hard act to follow.

Martin Symonds and I went for lunch at a sushi bar.  (Just like the ones back home but the fish was ten times nicer.)  Tuna that melted on the tongue and tastes that again took me back 25 years.  We went shopping for rice bowls for Martin who lost his collection in the earthquake.  It was a real eye opener – you can buy one from £2.00 up to £4,000.  Some of the more rustic ones go for the highest prices!! We picked up René and started the tour.

Mark's Japan trip November 2011 - part one

When Mark lived in Japan he worked on Yamazaki Koi Farm which was at the time one of the largest Koi Farms in the country and located in the south.  After 25 years of farming Koi in the UK, he decided that the time was right to return to Japan and to visit the north, specifically the Koi breeders of Niigata.  Whilst many dealers host buying trips to Japan, and Mark could easily have gone along on one of these, we felt that it wasn’t the sort of trip that he needed to do.  What he really needed was a study tour with the time to really chat to the breeders and to see their facilities in detail and not just to look at the fish that were for sale.

Breeding Koi - Indepth

This article on breeding Koi was written for the British Koi Keepers Society National Koi Show Guide 2010.

Quarantine - An Indepth Look

An indepth look at why and how you should quarantine new Koi.

Choosing Koi

Choosing Koi can be a difficult task with so many Koi on offer.  Where do you start and what should you bear in mind when making your choice?

Raising Koi Fry

Spawning Koi is one thing but what do you do with all the fry?  

Ten Top Tips For Breeding

We are often asked what the basics are for breeding Koi and so when Koi Carp Magazine asked us to provide ten top tips, we were only too happy!

To Quarantine Or Not To Quarantine?

That is the question... The word ‘quarantine’ (which, incidentally, comes from the Latin quaranta giorni, meaning ‘forty days’), is a length of time in which a disease can be incubated, and therefore expressed in an organism. That way, it’s possible to see who does, and doesn’t, carry a specific disease. Traditionally, forty days is the time that many major diseases will incubate in humans, but the situation for fish is a little different, and our view of what quarantine means for them is something of a ‘grey area’.

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